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"The first time that I met John Benson was close to 15 years ago. The back wheel of my power chair had split entirely in half, leaving me stranded on the streets of Berkeley. John miraculously showed up on the side of the road, patched my wheel back together, got me moving again and safely home. Since then, John has managed to save me, and my chair's, proverbial butts on more occasions than I can keep track of. He's fixed dead motors in no time at all, has accurately diagnosed and repaired faulty wiring, and once he even set me up with a loaner wheelchair when my own chair kicked the bucket prematurely and I was lost in insurance limbo waiting on a replacement. John is unique within the wheelchair repair industry. He actually listens, he has immense respect for the knowledge that disabled people have for our machines, he puts our needs and concerns first when he's troubleshooting and problem solving, and he genuinely cares about his clients on a human-to-human level. And on top of that, he's a beast of a mechanic who can fix just about anything, he's professional, he's thorough, and he won't leave a job until it's done right. He's a fucking bad ass!"

- Loren, Berkeley

"I've known John for dozens of years now and have worked with him a dozen or so times, each time with a satisfying outcome. John is a consummate professional with a real person bedside manner. He'll listen to you and follow directions. He will, with your consensus, diagnosis situation quickly and most likely declare whether he can fix it or not, then say about how much time it will take him to do it. Something special about him is his ability to multitask. He can do his repair and discuss the hows and whys simultaneously. Don't hesitate to call him."

- Keith, Berkeley

"John Benson is an invaluable asset to any community. I am so glad to be part of his. For over 30 years John's provided professional, knowledgeable and caring service. He listens to disabled people and shares their valuable knowledge. Not only does he know how to fix anything, he also knows how to do it in the least intrusive way for the client. If there was only one wheelchair technician in the world, I want it to be John Benson."
- Corbett, Richmond, Ca

"John helped me get my first wheelchair that allowed me to self propel. He fitted it and was super attentive in making sure it was usable for me and I knew everything. He’s super compassionate and working with him was an amazing experience that made transitioning to the pushing myself comfortable and even more joyful than it already was. He understands wheelchairs amazingly well & he knows how to prioritize wheelchair users first in his service. I can’t recommend him enough."
- Riya, San Francisco, Ca


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